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Online Stock Brokers

Online stock brokers, where you place orders through a web interface, and, as with all discount brokers, make your own investment decisions.

Some offer discounts or promotions not listed here if you trade frequently. Commissions may be higher for large trades (usually over 1000 shares), and for trades of things other than stocks (options, bonds, etc.).

The information in the table below was last verified in February 2010.

Broker Commission Minimum balance Notes
OptionsHouse $2.95 none
($1,000 to open)
Focuses on options trading, but has particularly cheap stock trades as well.
Zecco $4.50 none Ten free trades per month with $25,000 balance.
TradeKing $4.95 none
Scottrade $7.00 none
($500 to open)
Have numerous brick-and-mortar offices.
Fidelity $7.95 $2,500 Purchasing Fidelity mutual funds is commission-free. Retirement accounts and accounts of immediate family members can be counted together for calculating commission tier.
Charles Schwab $8.95 $1,000
TD Ameritrade $9.99 none
E*Trade $9.99 $2,000
Banc of America $14.00 $50,000 Information quoted for the Standard Self-Directed Investing account. Can get lower commissions (down to $0), or have a lower fee-free balance, if other conditions are met (e.g. with a Bank of America checking account).
OptionsXpress $14.95 none Focus on options trading, though they also permit the usual range of trading (including stocks).

Disclaimer: This is a personal website with some information I've collected. I'm not a finance or investment professional. You should verify any information here before doing anything important with it.

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