Personal Finance Stuff

Information about useful personal finance stuff, focusing on accounts that are fairly simple and fee-free.

This is mostly U.S. information, but there's a bit for other countries too.

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Online Savings Accounts
FDIC-insured savings accounts that pay a high rate of interest by operating online, with no fees or minimum balances. Includes historical interest-rate charts. There is also some non-US information (currently Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Taiwan, and the UK).
Free Checking Accounts
Checking accounts that are completely free—no maintenance fees, minimum balances, teller fees, or other requirements.
Online Stock Brokers
Discount stock brokers for trading online.
Frequent-flyer Partner Database
Cross-referenced info on airline frequent-flyer partnerships.

Disclaimer: This is a personal website with some information I've collected. I'm not a finance or investment professional. You should verify any information here before doing anything important with it.